Body-language and nonverbal communication

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were interested to get more information about Yang Liu. Here is the link to her website. Please have a look. It´s really worth looking. You wil see how important it is to communicate interculturally in a very simle way between East and West.  So that everybody, even if one doesn`t speak the language will at once know.

So get convinced by yourself. 😉

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Meeting Yang Liu…

tomorrow I will meet Yang Liu in Berlin to talk about eas-west-communication. I will let you know what we talk about.

If you have any question and you are interested in an answer, please let me know in advance. 😉 I will forward it to her.

Have a nice day.


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Yang Liu´s design blog

if you want to read more from Yang Liu or about her here is the link to her design blog. It is written in German, unfortunately. Nevertheless her posters convince without words.

Whenever I meet someone who saw her posters, smiles because now he knows what it´s all about. 😉

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