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Growing lovesickness in Europe and China

More and more young people, around the age of 27 to 35 moan about lovesickness. Of course everybody knows that this feeling is a part of life. But it is also part of life that after some time of moaning people find a new partner with whom they relate.

The fact I talk about is relevant in so far as more and more of those people also complain about the shortness of their relationships. This means a love relationship lasts not so long as it did before. The people in Germany therefore already talk about “Generation lovesickness”.

Of course there are many reasons for this development in society and yet one can say that the speed, fragmentation and the essential change of the work is one main reason for that. People live in a spiral of always getting faster, higher, richer and so on. There is no ……..

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Interrupting Communication 2

To begin with: Between China and western countries I think there is a big and important difference in living feelings, (cognitive) demands, (self-) control, a relationship and love. A difference which produces a lot irritation, disappointment, sadness, anger, hope and felling lost on the one hand or dependent on the other.

A week ago a friend of mine told me about his experience when the communication between his Chinese girl-friend and him was interrupted in a way which he could not understand and follow. They had had a relationship for say about one and a half years and they had been really in love with each other. After the relationship broke, they decided to go on being good friends but without a love-friendship. Both agreed ……………..

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