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When the words “I love you” are so shocking

Well we in in the western world have heard so much about the difficulty of showing up emotions in China or in East Asian countries. And it seems even worse to talk about emotions. Especially being said by parents to their children or children to their parents.

Candice Chung from the “daily life” writes about this difficulty and the difference to look on this difficulty from the Chinese perspective. She states this difficulty, she also talks about the challenge she had experienced in her own family trying to confront her parents with ……………….

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Chinese language is body-language –giving birth to words-  (3)

While writing this I remember Lola and Volker. Lola is Chinese and Volker is German. Both work as documentary filmmakers, especially in intercultural contexts, just as in China or Germany.

We were talking about the Chinese language, about calligraphy and the way a Chinese will translate a German word or sentence into Chinese.

Volker said a simple sentence of three words. For a European it was very easy to translate this into a foreign language. Lola, after she had heard the sentence looked down on the table, was very concentrated and ………………………..

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Speechless between two cultures….

……That’s what I experience when writing this blog. Of course I know what and how to do, when trying to figure out some western point of view or some eastern point of view. Of course I can put it into words and if you understand English you ought to understand what I mean.

But it’s not that easy. I think you know what I mean: Trying to put some experience or opinion into German words, translate it to English can of course lead to some different interpretation or misunderstanding. Trying to make someone from the eastern side of the hemisphere, who speaks and understands English, understand, makes it even more difficult. Because English is not my mother tongue and English is not his or her mother tongue.

So there are five obvious fields of transmission………………….

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Words can harm…….

some days ago I came across some very thoughtful photo on facebook.


words also can hurt







The text says: your words can hurt, please use them wisely.

Well, the one side of the issue is that words can harm, can hurt even

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Words and face and words……and understanding

When my wife and I had a walk yesterday we met two Chinese women and one Chinese man picking some grass or so. Wondering what they really were picking up made us come closer and ask them. Quite a bit puzzled and uncertain how to react they smiled at us very openly and friendly.

No words followed. — More smile.

We repeated our question more slowly and smiled also a bit puzzled. And looked at the same time at their hands which held the stinging nettles. We now knew, but…..still stayed there not knowing whether to leave or to go on communicating.

Again no word. Some almost whispering words………………………….

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