Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Trust your own body and not a diet

A diet makes you slim. You can read this headline and the additional concepts in every magazine, every week and every month. Mostly women, men increasing, believe in this. This of course is one big motor in the diet-market, every month a new diet. If you really have a look on this pattern of diet-market, you find out by observing that the proclamation of every new diet implicitly evaluates those which were presented before.

This is the one aspect to look critically on …………

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Bound feet

The feet of little girls had been bound to improve their beauty.

In old China there was a century long tradition on this. Forbidden in 1912 it did not put an and to this behavior.

The mothers of the girls had endured foot-binding as well and knew what pain and torment they were putting their own child through. But they knew, to make their daughter acceptable to society, to give their daughters the best possible life, this is something they had to do, however heartbreaking it was. We all want to be accepted, we all want to be loved, we want our children to have the best possible opportunities.

A cruel way of manipulating and dominating women`s body language. You can read more about the interviews with some old Chinese women, who had endured this experience until nowadays. Impressing foto documents show the women`s beauty and the abused feet. The women`s faces and the described behavior are a convincing message on their own.

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……..was women`s day. 🙂

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It`s womens`day today

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