Body-language and nonverbal communication

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As stress grows, modern Chinese turn to Western psychotherapy

When Li Xianyun began working as a psychiatrist at Hui Long Guan Hospital in Beijing in 1991, she did not discuss her job in public. People thought it was strange, she says, and they assumed she worked in an insane asylum. Now, those she meets are eager to learn more about her profession.

“If I tell them I’m a psychiatrist and talk about my job, they show ………….

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On Chinese Body Thinking

when you are hungry you eat. when you are tired you sleep. ….what

does you astonish about this perspective? 😉

This book uses Western philosophical tradition to make a case for a form of thinking properly associated with ancient China. The book’s thesis is that Chinese thinking is concrete rather than formal and abstract, and this is gathered in a variety of ways under the symbol “body thinking”. The root of the metaphor is that the human body has a kind of intelligence in its most basic functions. When hungry the body gets food and eats, when tired it sleeps, when amused it laughs. In free people these things happen instinctively but not automatically.
The metaphor of body thinking is extended far …
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