Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Eyes or ears?

In western countries it is very popular and of course useful to look at somebody to get an impression of his body-language, nonverbal behaviour and his state of feeling. It is important to get an impression of that what is not put into words or verbal expression. This eye-approach is quite typical for western country. So the visual part of communication is activated and vitalized and a necessary competence for communication.

Of course people in China …………..

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The body in psychotherapy 3 (contact and therapeutic alliance)


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The body in psychotherapy 1

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 The first impression 1

Non-verbal communication and body-language always starts with a first impression. Either it is the first impression of the person. That means you see this person for the first time in your life. Or it is the  first impression in some new encounter.  So to say the first moment you meet someone again.
Tough you know the person,each encounter is different and is characterized by a typical first impression.
What is the first impression? What happens?
The first impression is created within about 0,24 sec. This is done so fast that you never ………………….
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Basic lesson in Chinese language (video)

this is a basic lesson in Chinese language as body-language: China Day Düsseldorf June 16 th 2012.


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Chinese language is body-language -pronunciation- (1)

At the China-Day in Duesseldorf one week ago  there was a performance by the head of Deutsche Sprachschule. This performance was interesting in so far as the Chinese teacher pointed out two difficulties when learning  the Chinese language:

  • the pronunciation and
  • and the Chinese writing, the Chinese graphic character.

While listening to her I was astonished about the direct connection between the spoken Chinese word / sentence and the  body expression. Both seem to belong to each other. Both are the two sides of the coin.

Chinese language is, to make it short, a body-language. That means, ……………………..

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Words can harm…….

some days ago I came across some very thoughtful photo on facebook.


words also can hurt







The text says: your words can hurt, please use them wisely.

Well, the one side of the issue is that words can harm, can hurt even

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