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Honor and / or shame

“Eight Honors and Eight Shames” are some basic value in China, like it’s honorable to love the motherland, to service people, to adore science, to work diligently, to help each other, to be honest, to obey the law and rules, and to strive hard for what you want. In contrast, it’s shameful to jeopardize the motherland, to betray people, to be ignorant, to indulge in creature comforts, to harm others to benefit oneself, to forget friendship for profit, to disobey the law and rules, and to be extravagant and dissipated.

Just returned from China and again I think about these honors and shames. How is this incorporated in daily life? How do People think about it and live with it?

I am now back home from China. One week in Shanghai and one week in Beijing. Two interesting Workshops (among others at Tongji University Shanghai) and some lectures (among others Academy of Sciences Beijing) on the issues of “Body psychotherapy” and “Body and personality”.
There is ever such a big interest in this perspective in China. And of course I will return. 🙂

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What is harmony vs. cohesion?

China is famous and well-known for the basic value “harmony”. In former times and today. Harmony characterizes philosophy, culture, society and politics. It seems that life is harmony, or it should be like this.

The concept of harmony in Chinese culture comes from music. Confucianism played a key part in the formulation of the earliest form of Chinese music, Qin. Qin music illustrates the concept of harmony through its techniques such as the level of pressure and the speed of tempo, which symbolize Yin and Yang and the different temperature in the four seasons. (If you want to read more look here ………Music, under Confucian concepts, has the power to transform people to become more civilized and the goal of music is to create balance within individuals, nature and society. Leading people “back to the correct direction in life” not only

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The price is not the value, or: experience of social coldness

Unfortunately is this article only in German: China in the future will be more and more confronted with the experience of  economic decline or social coldness. Here is one example of what can happen

and in English:

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The cosmopolitan Chinese manager

Business is important as base, motor and motivation for intercultural communication and integration. In whatever way. Here is n early study on this process, still worth being read. 

“As China emerges as a major player on the international business scene, it is becoming increasing important for Western businesses to understand the work values and behaviors of the people in this large and regionally diverse country. Thus, the focus of this study is to identify work value differences across the 6 regions of China. In the process of developing these comparisons, we identify ……………..

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