Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Emotional expression judged by Software

Facial expression shows how somebody feels. There might be joy, sadness, anger, shame, but also a sad-anger, a joyful surprise or frightening discussed. Even those complex feelings can be expressed by facial expression. We have a so to say born and learned competence to understand this unconsciously, consciously and can adjust or react to this.

Scientist of the OhioStateUniversity in Columbus recently …….

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Unconscious body language of couples

While sleeping people usually behave very spontaneously. They are as they are, not self-controlled, not posing or doing anything special. Also while sleeping a couple behaves in a way that opens a deep insight into their relationship.

Nonverbally. They relate to each other in an unconscious way which mirrors their deep Connection and wishes for one another.

A Russian photographer once realized that many of her friends got pregnant. They as future parents…………

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