Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Silence as dialogue – 默克尔访华:沉默的对话

I know about one big handicape of my blog. It is the language. It took me some time to find my decision,namely to choose English and not German or Chinese or any other language.

English is ranked as world language number One. It is spoken all over the world. But not everybody of course speaks English. And even when someone has learnt English at shool, maybe he or she is not familiar in speaking the language.

This not a problem. Really. You speak the language you like to speak. But how to write in an international blog on intercultural communication? ……………….

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Chinese language is body-language –giving birth to words-  (3)

While writing this I remember Lola and Volker. Lola is Chinese and Volker is German. Both work as documentary filmmakers, especially in intercultural contexts, just as in China or Germany.

We were talking about the Chinese language, about calligraphy and the way a Chinese will translate a German word or sentence into Chinese.

Volker said a simple sentence of three words. For a European it was very easy to translate this into a foreign language. Lola, after she had heard the sentence looked down on the table, was very concentrated and ………………………..

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