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stretching muscles







Which muscles are stretched?

I am relieved, now we know excatly which muscles are stretched when we do specific exercises.

Whether you’re a chronic sitter, a daily exerciser, or a weekend warrior, you probably know stretching is a critical habit. By sending blood flow to your muscles and helping your joints move through their full range of motion, stretching improves your posture and athletic performance while lowering your risk of pain and injury.

Have a look, try ………..

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Eyesight training

Results of a new scientific research show that there’s an intense increase in shortsighted children at school. This increase can be explained by different reasons and backgrounds such as:…………..

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More about body psychotherapy

Having posted some information about body psychotherapy tthree days ago I was asked to talk more aout it. So here is more about it. You will find body psychotherapists all over the world. Except in Africa and many parts of Asia. So if you are interested ask the specific organisations which are listed at Wikipedia. Or ask me, I will support you as much as I can. So don`t hesitate. 😉

Body psychotherapy,[1][2][3] also called body-oriented psychotherapy or somatic psychology, is a branch of psychotherapy[4], with origins in the work of Pierre Janet, Sigmund Freud and particularly Wilhelm Reich who developed it as vegetotherapy……..

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 Systemic thinking: psychotherapy in China

The German-Chinese Academy of Psychotherapy DCAP organises qualified training in psychotherapy in China since more than 20 years. Collegues from Germany go to China to train there. And Chinese collegues from China come to Germany to be trained here and to work as psychotherapists. There is a very interesting study on basic differences in thinking on cultural boundaries, family structure / relationship and intervention. The results of this study are not only interesting for psychotherapists, but also to everybody who is interested in these issues concerning intercultural communication.

Please feel free ……….

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Bis zur Selbst-Verleugnung – Olympia

heute aus aktuellem Anlass wieder etwas in Deutsch. Habe in meiner Kolumne beim Tagesspiegel das Spanungsfeld skizziert, in dem sich Athleten und der Spitzensport befinden. Ein Spannungsfeld, das als solches nicht sorgsam genug und körpergerecht behandelt wird.

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