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Rent a girl, rent my girl

In contrast to western platforms like Ebay, where you can sell and buy products, for example Taobao is a platform where you also can “sell yourself” and “buy another person”.  What does it mean?

Taobao not only offers products just like cars, smartphones or clothing. It offers services, just like: “you can hire me for company, for a whole day and it will cost you 3-10 US Dollars a day”.

This is not an immoral offer, it’s not an offer with a sexual offense, it’s just the offer of a service.

Mostly women offer themselves to be a company/escort for a day. They offer this service and will accompany you during the day wherever you go, whatever you want to do and about whatever issue you will talk about.

How do you think about? Would you offer yourself? And would you offer your girlfriend?

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Alibabas success: western vs chinese way of capitalism (part 1)

Last Friday the whole world, that means the global market, had an eye on China, an eye on Alibaba.

Alibaba, Chinas biggest IT-based company runs among others with Taobao the biggest virtual market-place in China. Compared to western companies Alibaba is bigger than Ebay and Amazon together, just to name one comparison.

Alibaba and Taobao is not only a marketplace, it is…………..

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