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Prohibiting rituals reinforces struggle of survival

Rituals play a very important role in all cultures, in the development of children and in relationship. You cannot live without rituals. Rituals can derive from culture and society, they can also derive from the inner world of children and grown ups. They are part of communication and always embody some Kind of symbolic message.

They express and thus embody personal Needs in a certain way. It is a series of actions or type of behaviour regularly and invariably followed by someone It can be religious, social and/or personal. ( This reminds me of the discussion in China right now if Christian rituals referring to Xmas should be allowed or not).

On the one hand a ritual mirrors a certain state of communication in a culture or Society. On the other hand it mirrors ………….

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“Discharging” is a survival activation

the production (charge) of energy through respiration and metabolism and discharge of energy in motion and movement are the fundamental processes of life. How much energy you have and how you use this energy, determines the way you respond to a situation, to life. The more energy you can put into free movement and expression, the better you can deal with different situations, with life.

I will talk about this later this week and will relate this to man, feeling, behavior and so on.

Please kee in mind discharging is a very normal process in life and a survival pattern or survival activation. Just have a look how this looks like.

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