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Alibabas success: western vs chinese way of capitalism (part 1)

Last Friday the whole world, that means the global market, had an eye on China, an eye on Alibaba.

Alibaba, Chinas biggest IT-based company runs among others with Taobao the biggest virtual market-place in China. Compared to western companies Alibaba is bigger than Ebay and Amazon together, just to name one comparison.

Alibaba and Taobao is not only a marketplace, it is…………..

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Failure instead of discipline is necessary


Often people fear that they’re lost when they feel that efficiency and money as highest values. This happens often especially when you’re brought up in a culture of high discipline. In such an education, under such a development or in such a culture there’s no space for failure.

But to be honest; it’s very human, that ………..

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The difference is the success

maybe some of you have already heard of this unique old man, calles grandpa. He modells for his granddaughter, who sells women`s clothes in her internet shop. Just after she presented her grandpa modelling her clothes a not understable success began.

Why one may ask?

I think it is a matter of difference and a matter of strangeness, which symbols something which you really did not expect. And when it`s there, you unconsciously feel some kind of a deep commotion. You loose your controlled mixture of awareness and interpretation of life and are surprised in a positive way.

So let yourself be surprised again in your own life and look what happens to your (fixed) controll system. 😉

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