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The Most Popular Words Used on Social Media

There is an amazing project forging scientific techniques by measuring psychological well-being and physical health based on the analysis of language in social media. Different perspectives were observed like:

Females from this study (Top), used more emotion words (e.g., excited) and first-person singulars and they mention more psychological and social processes (e.g., ‘love you’ and ‘<3’ –a heart)

Males used more swear words and object references (e.g., ‘xbox’, ‘black ops’, ‘wishes he’).

other perspectives were : Age, personality and so on. Just have a look.


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A suicide selfie

A young Chinese girl committed suicide after a very problematic relationship, as she posted for several times. She could not stand this relationship on her own only, so she opened up to the virtual public and let everybody take part in her relationship.

And also take part in her suicide. While sitting on a very high building she took a selfie which lets believe, so the Chinese media, that this is her last selfie. She at the same time posted: “After I’m dead, I will haunt you day and night, I will never be apart from you again.”

I think that there is a very deep desperation and anger ……….

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Twitter: My Ego is your profit

Many of us, millions of us, join social networks. I want to relate for example to Twitter.  Of course there is a need, a benefit to communicate via Twitter. At the same time twitter is so fast that most of the messages and posts just appear and before you realize it, they are gone and followed by many others. Faster and faster.

And yet millions of us have joined Twitter and post several times a day (not really realizing that a single post just is like a grain of sand in the desert. Blown away by the wind.

At the same time Twitter ………

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Communicating food and meals by photos in web 2.0 (part 2)

Perhaps you remember what I posted yesterday on communicating food and meals via web 2.0. Here you will find more aspects:


  •  if you also show your friends dining together with you, that you are socially well accepted, and that you are insofar successful.
  • Relating this to the change in family structure at least in Germany you can see that families in Germany get smaller and the dining tables grow bigger.
  • If people comment this in social media with „LIKE“ they ………..
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