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Facial position instead of facial expression (video) – managers` nonverbal behavior patterns on stage – 3

The Chinese manager talks with a strong voice, expresses directly and clearly what he wants to say. He now and then looks at the moderator and faces him as the important counterpart in this rhetoric structure. It seems that he not really directly seeks for direct (eye-) contact to the audience. He is there on the panel, knows about his role to answer the question and to be there as the invited representative.

Of course he shows facial expression but it seems that this expression is more likely to be his attitude rather than to support his words and his habit of talking, in order to support his words and the for the moment specific meaning.

Facial expression seems for him (and the Chinese culture ?) to be more like a sequence of familiar “facial positions”. With whatever meaning at all. And yet……………………….

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Body approach in China and Japan

Dear Ulrich,

 I read your report on Psyche and Körper in Ost und West with great interest.

 The differences between China and the west seem much greater than between Japan and the west.

 I never worked in China, but went many times to Japan.

In Japan at first every client in a group expected to behave like others in the group.

There was a lot of social mask and group conformity.

When I was able, through somatic interventions,  to get below this “tertiary layer” of personality, and could reach

the primary layer, I found a lot of emotional health, vitality and spontaneity coming from  the early pre school years.

 The secondary layer of anger, fear of sadness could only be contacted when trust from this primary layer had been established.

 Wishing you all the best in your intercultural research

 Warm greetings

 David (Boadella)

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