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China and the relevance of money for the people instead of relating to one another

Tonight you can see a documentary film about suicide in China, which is really worth looking. It is made by the Chinese Lola Jia Liu and shows how Chen Si saves the life of hundreds of people who try to commit suicide on the bridge of Nanjing. She paints very clear and sensible portraits without making any comment. The people just talk about themselves. This is really astonishing and overwhelming.

Jia Liu points out that suicide is a social problem not mearly a psychic problem. She also …………..

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On the bridge of death and life

Every day, Chen Si rides his scooter around on a bridge over the Yangtze River trying to stop potential suicides. During the past 10 years, he has saved more than 200 desperate people, many of whom come from rural areas. Some of them talk with rare candor about the problems they thought they could no longer face. It’s striking that ….

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