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Burning desire

“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.”
Federico García Lorca

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Sex in ancient China…….

was meant:

  • to feel sexual enjoyment
  • to experience health development
  • and for reproduction.

There is a very old tradition in understanding sexuality like this and to practice certain sexual skills.

When talking to young Chinese I often ……….

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Sexuality and satisfaction in virtuality

So called connected pleasure givers will be sold from the end of April on in China. It is another kind of artificial or instrumentalized way to find sexual satisfaction (alone, on one`own). It is a new way to give oneself and / or the other one, that means a partner or any other virtual person, sexual satisfaction without being together. Together means: both are not at the same place, in the same room but are connected via internet. They are both part of a virtual world.

They say that long distance relationships do not last not because the couples fall out of love, but because they miss ………..

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“Sex in the soul“ – what can your eyes reveale?

Of course you remember when the pupil widens or closes. Of course you know about the importance of this process in the eyes. But do you know why this happens? Do you know what it means?

About fifty or sixty years ago scientist believed that the process of widening or closing notes your sexual orientation. Gero from the Cornell University was convinced about the proof in his study on such eyes`reaction. He was convinced that the widening of the pupil shows if one is heterosexual or homosexual or …………..

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Behaviour patterns and Confucianism

Confucianism does encourage certain types of behavior while discouraging other types of behavior in the pursuit of harmony. All has to do with family life  and hierarchy in families. And of course the corresponding tradition.

Chinese society seems to be highly paternalistic. which obviously can be seen by looking at typical family behaviour patterns und of course patterns of body expression. And the herewith connected way of body contact, gender relationship and seuality……………..

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