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Failure is…….

The phenomenon named “failure” is the interpretation of something what has happened and is not a fact.

Failure or the Feeling of failure is not a feature or quality of something but of you, of yourself.

This also means:

the more something called “Change” is connected with the feeling of value for yourself, with self-esteem, with your identity and career, the more things which happen are interpreted as “failure”.


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Communicating food and meals by photos in web 2.0 (part 2)

Perhaps you remember what I posted yesterday on communicating food and meals via web 2.0. Here you will find more aspects:


  •  if you also show your friends dining together with you, that you are socially well accepted, and that you are insofar successful.
  • Relating this to the change in family structure at least in Germany you can see that families in Germany get smaller and the dining tables grow bigger.
  • If people comment this in social media with „LIKE“ they ………..
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To drink a toast to somebody

Last week I talked to a manager who had been busy in China for quite a long time. He told me a very personal experience which as he underlined had a deeper meaning for him which he had not yet puzzled out.

Each time when there was a business dinner everybody tried to drink a toast to  him and his German colleagues. He felt this to be an important gesture towards the foreign guests. As there were only some Germans and many Chinese often it was not easy for each Chinese and for each table to have enough time to drink a toast. Perhaps you can imagine this kind of social stress in the restaurant where he had been.

Well, judged from a German point of view, one could say, that ……………..

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