Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Chinese love money and love adventure

A new inquiry has tried to find out what Chinese love most. Not astonishing is numer one. Still as the years before Chinese love to have Money.

Astonishing is favourite number two. Chinese want to be normal and unsuspicious.

Favourite number 3………………

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Seasickness is not good for business

One can observe intercultural integration in various social fields just like buying a cruiser. Rich Chinese can afford such boats more and more. They also have a special look on the architecture of these boats. This architecture has of course to mirror special Chinese aspects of being related to one another (guanxi). Here some examples:

  • Chinese prefer very big and very representative boats. Many of them also prefer a landing place for helicopters. J Price doesn’t matter
  • There has to be a hard top because Chinese women like to have ……….
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