Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Breast or breast?

A lot is written and said about women’s sexuality, women’s body as sexual objects. Each article has it’s one message, it`s own value, it’s own function.

But how do you think about the relationship between different ways of presenting women’s breast in media ………..

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Permission to ask a personal question?

If I’m interested in a person I ask him, put questions or show my interest in order to get to know more about this or that.

Chinese often hesitate to address me or others with a personal, direct question just like: “Oh, can you tell me more about your life or your children and so on”. This, as I was told by others, also can happen if you know each other better.

This does not mean that a Chinese isn’t interested, not at all! He or she is often very interested but tries to avoid to put or “tear” the other into public by putting such a question. If he or she would put this direct personal question, the other one either could feel himself obliged to show up with an answer or if he doesn’t want to do it to show up (in a personal way as an personal expression) he has to dissociate himself.

On the other hand I experience …….

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Feelings: good or elusive?

Last Friday I visited the studio of Deutsche Welle in Bonn. That is the German international Broadcasting. I was invited for an interview on the issue of body language and nonverbal communication, concerning the difference between Germany and China.

I was asked general questions on the issue and very specific questions on the difference of behavior of Angela Merkel und Wen Jiabao.

While waiting at the Chinese editor`s office ………

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The skín is the message 5 – The wish to be seen as resistance to the feeling of shame

Maybe you remember my experience in the underground of Berlin some dweeks ago. I had seen a couple having tattoos. When trying to look at the tattoos, because I got interested in the symbols which I could see even from the distance, the man addressed me in quite an aggressive way. He did not want to be seen, though having his tattoos uncovered so that everybody in the underground could see them.

So that everybody had to see them.

This experience again made me be aware of a paradox in our media society: There is a broad interest in to be seen, a deep longing for to be seen and a lot of activities to be seen. BUT on the one hand often the moment when someone is seen on TV or is so short that it is soon forgotten again. And on the other hand people react quite strange when they are seen, when someone really is interested in what they see.

This reminds me also of the feedback when people ……………..

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