Body-language and nonverbal communication

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body and soul – a Western perspective to………

the understanding of psychosomatic symptoms or disturbances.

Three years ago I was asked to summarize some important aspects for the Handbook of Bioenergetic Analysis. The BA is a specific body orientated psychotherapy:

Bioenergetic Analysis (BA) addresses the interplay of body, emotion, cognition and behavior in an original way. Therefore it is closely related …………………..

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.Inspired by the way how Chinese move….

……………….well it feels like starting to write an article and sitting in front of the blanc sheet of paper. In mind every word is already prepared but it has to be written down.

I started this group because I came into contact with some Chinese and experienced them moving in a different way than many Germans do. Or nonverbally communicating in a way I did not feel familiar with, though the relationship was friendly and open enough. I became interested in what happened and of course how to respond. —– 

I also visited a very interesting………………..

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It began like this:

I had left home for a congress, for four days. My wife, my daughter and my son had said goodbye. We all were a little sad because of some troubles at home. After I had arrived at the place where the congress took place, I phoned my family. My two children hadn´t yet realized well enough that I would be away for four days. So my daughter asked me: how do you feel, Dad. Whereas my son asked me: where are you, Dad.

Both had asked for the same.

Both wanted to know how I felt.

But both did it in a different, and very personal way.

And it was good so.

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