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Neurasthenia in China

Here the results of a specific study in China, which shows the high impact of psychosomatic disorders on the Chinese Society. An impact which society has to face since some years and which will become more severe within the next years. On the one hand this is similar to the process in western countries. On the other hand there will also yet unknown aspects being involved related to the high speed of the social change in society, family life, relationship, living in big cities and the process of production and consumption. Please read more if you want:

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body and soul – a Western perspective to………

the understanding of psychosomatic symptoms or disturbances.

Three years ago I was asked to summarize some important aspects for the Handbook of Bioenergetic Analysis. The BA is a specific body orientated psychotherapy:

Bioenergetic Analysis (BA) addresses the interplay of body, emotion, cognition and behavior in an original way. Therefore it is closely related …………………..

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