Body-language and nonverbal communication

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science is not science











Science is not science…….

and you know the difference at once if your follow and trust your own senses.

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Body language and nonverbal communication in China

Just finished the second workshop of the two years training program at the Shanghai Mental Health Center SMHC. Topic was body language, nonverbal communication and body diagnostics for psychotherapists and physicians.

I also had a two days workshop on the same topic at Tongji University and at New Health in Beijing. A lecture at Beijing Normal University.

All in all impressing how big the interest is in these topics and how motivated the participants were. It mirrors some track in the field of psychology and psychotherapy in China which opens up a forth coming future of great competence.

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brain northoff







Brain, the Self and the Person

One of the most fascinating characteristics of human nature is our ability to experience ourselves as a self and person. However, because we have no direct access to our brain in experience, the link between brain and self, and thus between mental and neural states, remains unclear. Recent imaging studies suggest …………

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Books are the revolution

“But evidence from psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience suggests that when students multitask while doing schoolwork, their learning is far spottier and shallower than if the work had their full attention. They understand and remember less, and they have greater difficulty transferring their learning to new contexts. So detrimental is this practice that some r…esearchers are proposing that a new prerequisite for academic and even professional success—the new marshmallow test of self-discipline—is the ability to resist a blinking inbox or a buzzing phone.”


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“If you are in a hurry or go slowly,

the road always remains to be the same”

old chinese proverb


„Ob du eilst oder langsam gehst,

der Weg bleibt immer derselbe.

 chinesisches Sprichwort

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Sex and moral

Relating to my post on Petraeus and the issue of sex and politics in the US, I want to put it in another way: to have this love affair, Petraeus as well as others who did the same (men or women), proof the fact that moral categories never can win against love and sex in this way.

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant was convinced that being rational, man can suppress love and sex by his rational conviction. Here ………………

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It began like this:

I had left home for a congress, for four days. My wife, my daughter and my son had said goodbye. We all were a little sad because of some troubles at home. After I had arrived at the place where the congress took place, I phoned my family. My two children hadn´t yet realized well enough that I would be away for four days. So my daughter asked me: how do you feel, Dad. Whereas my son asked me: where are you, Dad.

Both had asked for the same.

Both wanted to know how I felt.

But both did it in a different, and very personal way.

And it was good so.

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