Body-language and nonverbal communication

Tag "process of experience"

Chinese number gestures

we do it in a different way. And we in western countries are used to it. So just try how the Chinese do it. Try to count with your fingers and you will see and feel how strange it feels to do a gesture in a slightly different way as you did before. Gestures are part of the body so to say. Gestures are part of me as a person. They are part of a long process of experience. Of course they are learnt gestures. But after being inhaled, so to say incorporated they are part of me. And it feels as some kind of natural gesture.

Enjoy yourself by trying these gestures. Try it again tomorrow. Try it again next week. It will take quite a long time until you have inhaled them. And you will get this feeling of some newly established incorporated natural ffeling of your body.

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