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Chinese love money and love adventure

A new inquiry has tried to find out what Chinese love most. Not astonishing is numer one. Still as the years before Chinese love to have Money.

Astonishing is favourite number two. Chinese want to be normal and unsuspicious.

Favourite number 3………………

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whow!!!!!!! elegance meets power

You are never too old. even when you are old of age. Just look and be impressed as I am, when I came across this little video of  a 79 year old dancing couple. It is unbelievable how bodily elegance and power, personal charme and humor meet and are embodied in this.

This encourages to get old.

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The Year of the Horse

To celebrate the Year of the Horse, the Metropolitan Museum is presenting a selection of exceptional works in Gallery 207 for a limited period.

Since its domestication in prehistoric times, the horse has played an essential role in Chinese life. During the Shang and Zhou dynasties (ca. 1600–256 B.C.) horse-drawn chariots were a sign of high social status and the premier weapon of war. By the fourth century B.C.,……………………

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Horse as a magic symbol

Tomorrow starts the New Year inChina. It’s the year of the horse.

In western countries the horse has a specific symbolic meaning. It stands for power and energy.

A horse is well grounded and helps to experience grounding, contact and trust in reality. You can rely on the horse when you really let go. Emotionally and energetically. This helps to experience reality around you, in relationship and in yourself.

The horse is very sensible and sensitive and remembers how you relate to it. If a horse becomes a friend then you’re really welcome and you have a good friend to rely on.

Insofar I wish you all to meet or to have a good horse. Of course I also wish you a wonderful Happy New Year.

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Wall, Wall, Wall (Journey to China No.6)

There are at least three different kinds of walls in China. They are typical for China.

First of all there is the famous Great Wall. It is a territorial wall. A wall to protect against the enemies who live outside in the world. A wall to defend the own country successfully. A wall to keep the country together.  And a wall to demonstrate power.

Secondly there is the wall around the Forbidden City. It is an ……..

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A dream is a dream, is not a dream……

Once upon a time………………

There was this morning when I got up still being fascinated by a dream and still caught by the deep feeling without knowing what was going on in me and what had happened during the night.

You must know I don’t dream so often or better to say I don’t remember what I dream. I know dreams are part of night life. Dreams of course are some space of mysterious experience while we sleep. Dreams are so to say the dynamics of the inner-body which …………….

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The “skin” is the message – 8  (power is colourful)

Well clothing is the second skin so to say. The German chancellor Angela Merkel is chosen as most powerful woman in the world (Forbes).  Long time befor she became chancellor she was already famous for her colourful clothing. In those days we called her the living …………..

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Angela Merkel´s body language video-

All media write, talk and comment about Angela Merkel´s politics and behavior coping with the crisis. She polarizes whenever she talks about her political behavior, decisions and strategy. One side of the media reaction agrees, the other one disagrees completely. Some months ago many voices argued about her leadership. Those voices mirrored the opinion that she was not a leader at all.

Well she is a leader.

Well she shows this since ……………………

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