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Will you change your breast from B-size to D-size and back within two days?

Mary Lynn McNamara (this is not the real name) has offered herself to her husband at the day of the wedding in a very special way. She knew that her husband loved women with big breasts. She underwent a surgery so that her breasts were enlarged from a small B-size to the very big D-size.

She did this for one day and one night and then went back to …………

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Self-optimizing surgery

In South-Corea, and not only there, a booming plastic-surgery-industry is to be found. More than twenty percent of the women had picked up the chance to change their bodily, facial expression by this surgery.

In comparison to this, only five percent of the women in the US do this.

Millions of South-Corean people watched the film “Two hundred pounds”. The main protagonist changes her appearance by plastic-surgery. So one could say one main aspect which characterizes the Corean popculture is the whish of self-optimizing. More and more young women want to look like the dancers of the popstar Psy or Kim Tae-Hee. Her face very often is the model for an operation.

So if looking at these women after surgery which person are you aware of? In whose eyes do you look? How does it feel do look into your friend`s eyes and realize the facial expression of some Popstar? Is it yours? that of your friend? Whom are you Aware of? And how do you feel with this Person?

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