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Encourage your creativity: together

The French painter and artist Henri Matisse puts his experience into very few words like “creativity takes courage”. He was convinced about creativity to be part of mankind and he’s also convinced that you can live your own creativity. He also knows out of experience and out of watching people that it takes a big courage to really live your own creativity, to show up as a creative person.

Courage, couriosity and creativity are main parts of the dynamics of life. You embody them where ever you are and who ever you are. Following them you create your life and you show up with yourself. By that you can be experienced as a single Person as a personality among all the others who surround you. Among all the others who create your environment.

Share this with the others and you create your world. And by that you respect the world in general. 🙂

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Baby’s cry identified by a digital decoder

Scientists from Taiwan have developed an app which can decode information based on a baby’s cry with an accuracy of 92 %. No you’re able to distinguish subtle differences in crying and acoustic signals of babies under one year old.

The crying analyzer app can indicate whether a baby is hungry, sleepy, unwell, stressed due to a noisy environment, in pain, or in discomfort because of a wet diaper.

On the one hand you can argue that ……

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Moving patterns are like a finger print

Each person has a distinct way of moving that is constant, like a signature; this pattern can be observed and identified through disciplined analysis; and the resultant Movement Pattern is a reliable predictor of how people will behave in a variety of situations.

Warren Lamb was the pioneer of Movement Pattern Analysis which is mainly based and originated in the works of the choreographer and movement analyst Rudolf Laban.

Lamb worked for all kinds of organisations, fot the industry and in the field of politics. His Approach to Body language is of course very different to the main stream, more instant like body reading concepts.

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Practical work part 1 (Bioenergetic Analysis)

The BA as a body psychotherapy therefore works with the physical tension, the breathing, the shaping of the body and personality by the life experience / history, the individual mind and the relationship constellations in childhood and in everyday life today. The BA explicitly and specifically works with the process of respiration, the differentiated (body) perception, the physical (self-) expression. This is supported either by specific exercises / settings or by looking at this process on the level of transference and countertransference. (Lowen 1981, 1984, Koemeda-Lutz 2002)

The “grounding-concept” probably is the best well-known concept of BA. It shows …………

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Brief historical background of the Bioenergetic Analysis (BA)

The psychoanalysts Wilhelm Reich, Otto Fenichel and Sandor Ferenczi had put the body into the focus of their interest in psychotherapy. Since then, a variety of body psychotherapy schools had been developed.

Alexander Lowen, founder of BA/bioenergetics, had met Reich in the 50s of last century in the seminar to discuss the psychoanalytic theory and therapeutic practice and the social importance of the same. The impulse itself by being involved in a therapy together with Wilhelm Reich with the experience of one’s body and the interaction of personality / character structure and …………….

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Dancing in the sunset, in Berlin

Perhaps you remember, some days ago,what I explained about my really striking experiences watching Chinese people dancing in the park.

Let me tell you something about an experience which I had in Berlin, in Germany. If you watch the little video you can get a similar impression which I got in the park in Beijing or elsewhere in China.

It is not so often, that you see people dancing outside somewhere in a park in Germany. It is really seldom and if you watch the people dancing you’ll get an impression of nice movement, joyful dancing and smiling faces. But in contrast to ……….

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Bioenergetics: body language translated

Bioenergetics is a relational somatic form of psychotherapy whose theory presents that what goes on in the mind is also manifest in the body. So getting to know more about this will help you to understand more about yourself and the other.

Bioenergetics is a relational somatic form of psychotherapy whose theory presents that what goes on in the mind is also manifest in the body.

But it`s not only a form of psychotherapy, but also a way to understand life, relationsship and personality in terms of the body.

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Bound to familism

We all, in the West and the East, live in families. We are brouhgt up by parents. This family life gives us the chance to develop ourseves as human being: To find our identity, to be regarded as a specific personality and to become part of social life.

And yet there are big differences. Differences which …………………….

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Collective Emotions

The common parlance is convinced that you experience the world in the way, in the mood you’re.  It is also convinced that you look at the world in your very personal way and you react to it the same.

Meanwhile scientific research confirms this. I will pick out two main branches of science to illustrate this. The one is the concept of affect-logic based on…………

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