Body-language and nonverbal communication

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I feel like










What does it mean: “I feel like”?

The phrase “I feel like” is part of a more general evolution in American culture. We think less in terms of morality – society’s standards of right and wrong – and more in terms individual psychological well-being… more

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Practical work part 2 (Bioenergetic Analysis)

Some important internal circulations that are effected by the work are:

• The connection of breathing and movement

• Specific work on one body segment

• The initiation, support and promotion of ………

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Body language: genetic or learnt?

This is an amazing project ” Genetic portraits” by Ulric Collette

A photographic research work on genetic similarities between members of the same Family.

There’s an old ongoing question and discussion, which never will be answered I think. It’s the question if body-language is genetic or social-learned.

Or the question what was earlier in the world: …………

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To smell and to taste a new culture is to meet yourself

Some weeks ago I talked to a German manager and sinologist, who had worked in China for a couple of years. His first visit to China was about thirty years ago. Perfect in reading and writing, really well-experienced in relating to Chinese people, he knew, what he was talking about.

We talked about relating to Chinese people as well as to people from other cultures. Both we were convinced of a big difference in intercultural communication.

On the one hand it is almost too simple to doubt on this fact.  On the other hand many people seem not to know the essence of the following message:

When you learn a language, when ……….

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