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Shi Mingde, the Chinese Ambassador in Germany, on development, trust, justice, innovation and the people

Yesterday I visited the German-Chinese Economical Day 2013 in Cologne which was organised by the Deutsch-Chinesische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V. The opening was presented by the Chinese Ambassador in Germany Shi Mingde.

He talked about the possible consequences which will follow the big reforms in China. Among other aspects he pointed out the importance of the economical development and the importance of the “market principle”.

At the same time, and this I will keep in my mind, he pointed out …………..

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„Don`t worry about that people don`t know you. Worry about that you don`t know them”


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Cultural etiquette in China – balancing between being society-bound and independent

The People

Deeply rooted in Chinese society is the need to belong and conform to a unit, whether the family, a political party or an organization. The family is the focus of life for most Chinese. Age and rank are highly respected. However, to the dismay of older people, today’s young people are rapidly modernizing, wearing blue jeans and sunglasses, drinking Coke and driving motorbikes.

Meeting and Greeting

  • Shake hands upon meeting. Chinese may nod ……………
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people understand…….

most of the things wrong but feel most of the things right

Kurt Tocholsky

(a German writer and jounalist)

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People are different

Yesterday I visited Yang Liu in Berlin. She told me an astonishing story about her little book “East meets West”. The book is announced to be part of intercultural communication. It is presented as an attempt for better understanding the two fields of culture: East and West, China and Germany.

Of course, if you remember the foto, which I posted some days ago, the book helps to support better understanding.

BUT Yang Liu wrote this little book as a diary. She told me…………………………..

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