Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Obamas body language in Chinese and English on Internet TV

Probably you have asked yourself about the reasons for the big charming and charsmatic success of the American Presidant. Here is some insight about his body language and patterns of behavior. This aspect is part of his success. Politics or political behavior always also is politics made by humans. So feel invited to have a look

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Body language of Chinese celebrities and politicians

last August we made some videos on the body language of Chinese celebrities as well as of famous and world wide important politicians like Obama, Merkel and Putin. They will be presented on Internet TV. So if you like have a look. ūüôā

And if you like give some feedback and a link in social media like wechat or so. Thanks.

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Obama`s digital singing “Jingle Bells”

being engaged in (non-) verbal communication we also have to be Aware of digital-art-communication. This means the following: digitally you can construct whatever combination of word, singing, picture andsoon as you want. On the one hand you have to be very careful with this, because one can no longer be sure what is the original and what is the copy.

On the other hand one can find an endless reservoir of artificial ………………….I do not know yet know how to name this. But you can be sure that in this case of Singing-Obama you will enjoy.

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Obama’s Body Language Bow to Chinese Leader Hu Jintao

¬†The way a person bows in Asian countries reflects what a person is communicating¬†non verbally¬†¬†to another person. While a bow is often a sign of respect, a bow can reflect the way a person is feeling ‚Äď humble, sincere, remorse, or even deference.

The degree of the bow also means something. The lower the bow…………more here via this link. Very¬†very interesting

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Two political giants? – a really brief look on Obama and Romney –

Well last night millions of people worldwide watched the duell between Obama and Romney on TV. Lots of opinions and comments being written within the last few hours.

Looking at one of the typical photoes enables to find an own position towards all those comments. Let me try a very brief look on the two politicians, just judging this one photo. Let`s have a look at their habits. I am not interested in details. I know about this special perspective and the possible comments on this. Nevertheless, I don`t want to tell you a so called truth, or another truth among all those others truths in the www. No I just want to invite you ……………

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Why do we need an intercultural training?

This morning I read some notes on Obamas search for identity when he was young. As son of black father from Kenia in Africa and a white mother from the Midwest in the US he searched for his identity. Obama said: ‚ÄúThe only chance, to calm down my feeling of isolation, was, to inhale all traditions and social classes‚ÄĚ.

People today could call this Obama¬īs way of integrating himself.

Being so open to all those influences he had met or he was confronted to, reminded me of what Yang Liu had pointed out to me: When I met someone……………………….

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