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Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it

Another world-famous painter and artist Salvador Dali is also wellknown for his funny beard. He was a master of fantasy and realizations of dreams. He in a paradox citation was convinced: “Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it”.

It’s calming to know what he said and it’s true: You can never reach perfection and the more to try to the more you loose your own creativity, your own emotional life and its surprising expression.

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Collective emotions

The common parlance is convinced that you experience the world in the way, in the mood you’re.  It is also convinced that you look at the world in your very personal way and you react to it the same.

Meanwhile scientific research confirms this. I will pick out two main branches of science to illustrate this. The one is the concept of affect-logic based on the research and thoughts of Luc Ciompi. The other one is the concept of functional identity based on …………………….

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Is there a difference between you and me? (An embodyed story -7-)

of course I could relax besides this young lady. I felt quite comfortable lying there when my attention always moved back to these faces. The puppets touched each other and gave the impression ” we belong together”. We are here and we know what we want. We are aware of YOU being here but we do NOT address you. We don`t want you to become important by ………    

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 The first impression 1

Non-verbal communication and body-language always starts with a first impression. Either it is the first impression of the person. That means you see this person for the first time in your life. Or it is the  first impression in some new encounter.  So to say the first moment you meet someone again.
Tough you know the person,each encounter is different and is characterized by a typical first impression.
What is the first impression? What happens?
The first impression is created within about 0,24 sec. This is done so fast that you never ………………….
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