Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Sitting is killing yourself

The health impact of sitting is a topic of hot discussion these days– The New York Times covered the topic last month–and for good reason. All along we’ve known that sitting all day isn’t great for you but emerging research indicates that it’s not just a poor alternative to spending your day hiking the Appalachian Trail, it actually alters our bodies and decreases our health and lifespan. Check out the full infographic below for more stats and Information.

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Dancing in the park  (Journey to China No. 8)

You see them in the parks. Mostly in the morning or later in the afternoon or evening. You see them dancing. You see them enjoying and you’re aware of a very big difference in bodily expression.

On the one hand, often when you see Chinese people, they seem to walk and move a bit slowly, feel aggrieved and in a black mood, as if it would be typical for most of the people, typical for the country or a typical character expressed on the body-level.

In contrast to a possible stereotype ……….

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.Inspired by the way how Chinese move….

……………….well it feels like starting to write an article and sitting in front of the blanc sheet of paper. In mind every word is already prepared but it has to be written down.

I started this group because I came into contact with some Chinese and experienced them moving in a different way than many Germans do. Or nonverbally communicating in a way I did not feel familiar with, though the relationship was friendly and open enough. I became interested in what happened and of course how to respond. —– 

I also visited a very interesting………………..

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