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Writing with a pen empowers the brain

Nowadays people more and more often use their electronic device to write, to put down notes. In former days people used to write with a pen. What is the difference one could ask.

Current research shows that there is a big difference. If you put down notes by electronic device the capacity of memorizing is not as good as if you put down notes with a pen by writing.

Further on there’s another ………..

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Peaks of fluid intelligence

Now the truth about intelligence is scientifically proved. The results of this study encourage all people, especially those who still fear not to be intelligent enough.

Intelligence skills peak at different ages. This is the most important result of the latest study on intelligence ……..

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German wedding in a Chinese garden

By chance I had a visit to the Chinese Garden at the Bochum University. It is a bit more than one thousand squaremeters big and it seems to be a little diamond in the big industrial area where I live.

A special treasure within the Botanical Garden is the Chinese Garden Qian Yuan, a classical southern Chinese scholar’s garden donated to the Ruhr University in 1990 by Bochum`s partner university, the Tongji University of Shanghai.

The garden is shaped like a square surrounded by walls. At each side there’s a window like round hole in the wall, so that you can get a glimpse, a little …………..

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