Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Body language of Zuckerberg

Both look, seen from the nonverbal perspective, very nice and cute. They seem to be made from the same quality. From a very sweet quality. And thus there are obvious differences. Important differences:

While she shows up with her heart (feelings), he hides behind his dark sun glasses. Dark sun glasses over here in Europe identify a man as some kind of mafia boss, personality with e hidden message or so.

Of course Zuckerberg is no mafia boss ……………..

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Money, money, money – love?

A colleague of mine told me a little story about the love-relationship between a Chinese woman and a German teacher. Both were really in love with each other. As they wanted to celebrate a special anniversary they decided to go to Munich for a weekend-trip. They had a wonderful time there. They both enjoyed the scenery, the walks through the ancient part of town, the delicious meals in various typical Bavarian restaurants and of course felt more in love then before.

 The colleague of mine than explained a strange behavior of the Chinese woman. During the day-time when they were in Munich she put down some notes into a little notebook. Notes about what they’ve bought, what they’ve eaten, where they’ve lived and so on. She noted this and counted the specific price, e.g. having dinner, having bought some ice-cream, having bought a new dress and so on. In the evening she summarized all the costs and smiled ……….

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love vs. politics

An American “hero” and an integer director of the CIA becomes dangerous for US politicians and some kind of political inner circle. This political and social affair mirrors the bigoted US attitude towards love, security and politics. Up to the exposure of this love affair Petraeus`image was stable, clean and integer. Her image also. People, society and politicians trusted him.

From one moment to the other all this broke down. The image broke down. And people now believe that one could no longer trust this ( the same) man.

In other, former cases like this, politicians decided in another way. Not this kind of publicity and no big media hype. Not this kind of hysterical prosecuting. Not this prompt demand towards Petraeus to quit his job at once.

What is the matter now, today, in this case? Why do offcials ……………..

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Mr. Muo’s Travelling Couch

“……………Tonight, as this Chinese train pursues its inexorable journey, neither the hardness of the seat nor the press of his fellow passengers seems to bother him. Nor is he distracted by the alluring passenger in oversized sunglasses (a showbiz wannabe travelling incognito, perhaps?), sitting by the opposite window beside a young couple and across from three elderly women. She is graciously tilting her head in his direction while resting her elbow on the folding table. But no indeed, neither train nor intriguing stranger can offer our Mr. Muo such transport as he finds this moment in words and writing, the language of a distant land and especially of his dreams, which he records and analyses with …………………..

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Rising dragon around the dome of Cologne, or: what is cultural integration Part II

…..I realized the birth of this picturesque image I talked about earlier. This image reminded me of experiences which I had as consultant and coach in companies when they follow a fusion process. A fusion in business is based on an intercultural process. One company with its special culture joins, meets and unites with another company, with its typical culture. In contrast to official wording most of these processes are a non-equal-fusion.

Most of those fusions in business failed. They faile because of a wrong approach of understanding intercultural communication. Intercultural communication and integration in business often means: We put those two companies together, have a look, try to find out the most effective and efficient elements of structure and efficiency in order to build up the new company on these analytical results.

Intercultural communication and integration does not function like this. ……………….

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Longing for culture and love – Chinese students in Germany

Friends of mine produced a little film on: How Chinese students live in Germany and experience the new culture which is not at all familiar to them. At the same time the film shows how Chinese students study, work, play and love far away from their home country.

It is a film worth to be seen though it is only about four minutes long.

Chinese Students talk about their daily life. The Chinese students are to be seen in typical scenes with their professor, with colleagues, playing music, enjoying their meals, talking about friendship and love and remembering their homes, their emotional and cultural roots when talking to their mothers via skype.

Being in Germany helps to……….

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Touched by the shadow

The dark red rose decorates a little girl’s hand while the girl’s eyes dive into the rose’s flavor. Both, the girl and the dark red rose, form a meaningful unit of presence, awareness, being in touch with each other and thus creating reality.

The girl of course is in love with this little boy whose shadow leans towards her. It is an emotional reality with the unspoken message “You’re here when you’re not here. You’re here when I want you to be here and you are near when I’m aware of this beautiful dark rose.”

Of course one would say the little boy is not there. It is……………………

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Interrupting Communication 2

To begin with: Between China and western countries I think there is a big and important difference in living feelings, (cognitive) demands, (self-) control, a relationship and love. A difference which produces a lot irritation, disappointment, sadness, anger, hope and felling lost on the one hand or dependent on the other.

A week ago a friend of mine told me about his experience when the communication between his Chinese girl-friend and him was interrupted in a way which he could not understand and follow. They had had a relationship for say about one and a half years and they had been really in love with each other. After the relationship broke, they decided to go on being good friends but without a love-friendship. Both agreed ……………..

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Gender imbalance or: love has to be an effective and efficient project

Though this info dates back to 2010 it is more or less very up to date. The actuality even grows from year to year. The severe consequences for men and women in China will also grow from year to year. All this has of course a deep impact on (nonverbal) communication and relationship in China. Probably also among Chinese in other countries.

Remembering some Chinese talking about looking for or finding a man or a woman, or being found and chosen leads to peculiar and strange behavior between the sexes. For example, talking about this life issue often is connected to the perspective of having more or less a chance to find someone or to be found by someone. Looking for a relationship, trying to find someone to relate to and to fall in love with is ……………

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