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Be careful to marry a Chinese woman 🙂

A wonderful video to prevent a desaster in the future. After having watched you can safe yourself and your friends` soul. If you have tried already to get married be prepared for THE moment. 🙂



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Never disobey or: surrender to submission

Parents usually love their children and children love their parents. Of course there are different ways of showing and expressing your love.

And yet something happened some weeks ago in China I really could not understand. It’s sad that young students make a Kowtow to their parents for their first day of primary school. It’s sad that the children were made to show their gratitude towards their parents and teachers in ways that struck some observers as shameful and old-fashioned.

Well there are differences…..      

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Stock market crash or when money kills you

The stock market in China is eroding. People loose ever so much money in ever such a short period of time.

Nearly a quarter of investors say that the value of their investments has fallen by more than 50 percent since the beginning of the year amid falling stock prices. 23.8 percent of the 42,000 people polled by sina said that they “had suffered a loss of over 50 percent and dare not check their accounts”.

Investors and bankers feared already since some months that this would happen soon in China. It is a stock bubble which seems to explode.

Its not my interest to analyse this. I am not the expert for this. But I am an expert for human relationship and communication. Let me tell you first a very personal story. When we …………..

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Wedding – most expansive day in life….and then???

May is traditionally the month for weddings. Month #5 is so popular because 5 means richness, wealth, long life, peace and health.

Within the last ten years the average number of weddings has increased for about 60%. More and more Chinese want to marry officially, in the way as it’s practised in western countries. This of course also supports family as a social value. More and more people ………..

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Chinese love money and love adventure

A new inquiry has tried to find out what Chinese love most. Not astonishing is numer one. Still as the years before Chinese love to have Money.

Astonishing is favourite number two. Chinese want to be normal and unsuspicious.

Favourite number 3………………

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Kiss geography

Each country and each culture has its own kissing – rules or rituals. So, be aware of these differences in order to avoid difficulties and embarrassments.

The Maori (natives of New-Zeeland) and the Inuit (Eskimos) kiss with their noses. They touch each others` nose with their own nose and move together in a slide way from one side to the other.

In the US: if somebody kisses you already at first dating, this means that person has sexual interest. So, be aware ……….

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It`s ….because I love my body

everybody is his or her body. Everybody is himself or herself.

It doesn`t matter who you are.

It does not matter how you are. It does not matter how others think about you.

It does not matter how they will judge.

Unless you still love your body.

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You are your sunshine

I just found a Chinese and into English translated sentence at fb.

成为自己的阳光。Be your own sunshine

This sentence at one struck my mind and reminded me of a German ………..

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 Little Emporer caught in his Empire (Journey to China No.4)

Well, the little prince also is experienced as little emperor. This can lead to the impression that the world around this little child or grandchild hast to suffer a lot. And there will be lots of examples which will support this impression.

Let me introduce also another perspective to look on the child in the one-child-family with four grandparents. Everybody looks on the child, after the child, with the child. The child is aware of this attention. The child will love it but cannot leave it. It is just …………..

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Grandparents as Nanny: is it good for the child? (Journey to China No. 3)

You cannot miss them in the streets. Those grandparents with their little grandchildren. Or better to say grandchild. It is always one child only. Their look after their grandchild. Care for their grandchildren while the parents of the grandchild have to work.

One could say that this is wonderful for the parents, because they …………..

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