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Kim Thuy’s novel Ru draws on refugee past

Saigon-born, Montreal-based Kim Thuy transformed her own tale of struggle into Ru, a poetic, autobiographical novel debut. This novel illustrates in a sensible way HOW the interplay is between to be strange, to feel strange and to get accustomed to a new way of living, a new culture.

It also can be quite funny!!!!!!!

After a raft of critical acclaim for Thuy’s original French version, including a 2010 Governor General’s Literary Award, Ru has now been published in English, translated by the celebrated Sheila Fischman.

In short vignettes that flow back and forth between past and present, Ru tells the story of a young woman forced to leave ……………….

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Nourished by the same river

Li Xiaoshan, director, said, “When a family, a character or a story is the focus of an episode, we do not ignore the general background in which their story is taking place. In documentary production, we tend to follow a natural progression. For example, when the subject is a river, we’d shoot from its source to its outlet into the sea. But this time, we broke away from such linear thinking, and came up with a multi-dimensional framework. The series has a more eclectic structure.”

so, have a good look here via this link at part three of this overwhelming and inspiring documentary

 and read some good comment

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American psycho

There are many ways to explore and to understand the culture. I want to make it very simple today looking on the American (US) culture. Of course as ONE example. The journalist Eva Munz says that looking at the most prescribed pharmaceutics will lead to a deep understanding about what the people feel, how they live, how their live is and how they try to survive in their own culture.

Xanax Is the most prescribed medicine against ……………….

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…it`s too hot to write.

I hope you will understand. So enjoy yourself. 😉

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Another smile in life….

 ………creates and establishes connection among people.

On Sunday,  as a young boy, after church we went to my grandparents` house. It was a ritual, an unspoken proof of family life, when we went there to meet with my grandparents for dinner. My grandfather sitting behind his huge desktop in the living room. In former times this was not unusual. He was not working on Sunday. But this place seemed to be his throne of importance. Smiling he adressed us with some jokes, often he presented us some funny game to play, before we went to the table ready laid.

Meanwhile my grandma and my mother had been busy in the kitchen. The attractive smell of the special Sunday roast

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The body does not cry….

Young Chinese students dope themselves to get a good exam, I read today and was shocked. Middle school says the students are injecting amino acids to replace energy. Which the students needed to prepare well for the exams “gao kao”.


Going to school is truly very exhausting, the students say. We get up every day at 8:30 am, coming home at 10:30 pm at night.

On the one hand one could talk about the school system and the relevance to what learning means and how learning functions. On the other hand I would say something about what is happening to the body and the inner self of the students when they they do so……………………..

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