Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Kokeshi – Faces which embody the souls of children

They have been associated with miscarried babies and infanticide. They were guardians of children and keepers of their souls. Today, the word kokeshi is even used as a sexual innuendo.

Kokeshi were originally ………..

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Body approach in China and Japan

Dear Ulrich,

 I read your report on Psyche and Körper in Ost und West with great interest.

 The differences between China and the west seem much greater than between Japan and the west.

 I never worked in China, but went many times to Japan.

In Japan at first every client in a group expected to behave like others in the group.

There was a lot of social mask and group conformity.

When I was able, through somatic interventions,  to get below this “tertiary layer” of personality, and could reach

the primary layer, I found a lot of emotional health, vitality and spontaneity coming from  the early pre school years.

 The secondary layer of anger, fear of sadness could only be contacted when trust from this primary layer had been established.

 Wishing you all the best in your intercultural research

 Warm greetings

 David (Boadella)

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Confucianism and the Family

by George A. De Vos















It is a very interesting book for those who want to explore more and deeper the relationsship of old traditions and family life in Japan. You will see how important the Confucianism was for establishing and regualting family and social life. Up to now. By reading you will …………………………..

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Japan Day 2012…..

Düsseldorf in Germany is a center of Japanese living and working. There are many Japanese firms located, a well known Japanese cultural field to be found and thousands of Japanese who live in and nearby the city.

Every year there is the Japan Day with a full and pittoresque programm throughout the whole Saturday: theater, Manga, Cosplay, music, dance performance andsoon.

Insofar this day focusses a year of planned verbal and nonverbal communication. It is a day for meeting East and West in one place. It is a day to communicate in the way you want to.

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