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Failure is…….

The phenomenon named “failure” is the interpretation of something what has happened and is not a fact.

Failure or the Feeling of failure is not a feature or quality of something but of you, of yourself.

This also means:

the more something called “Change” is connected with the feeling of value for yourself, with self-esteem, with your identity and career, the more things which happen are interpreted as “failure”.


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The difference is the success

maybe some of you have already heard of this unique old man, calles grandpa. He modells for his granddaughter, who sells women`s clothes in her internet shop. Just after she presented her grandpa modelling her clothes a not understable success began.

Why one may ask?

I think it is a matter of difference and a matter of strangeness, which symbols something which you really did not expect. And when it`s there, you unconsciously feel some kind of a deep commotion. You loose your controlled mixture of awareness and interpretation of life and are surprised in a positive way.

So let yourself be surprised again in your own life and look what happens to your (fixed) controll system. 😉

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