Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Faces of the world

Research results of an interesting international project on femal  facial expression shows “the average-face” of women of various countries in the world. Just have a look and get your own impression.

And try to find your own opinion if it is another Kind of prejudice, or common view or scientific?

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More about body psychotherapy

Having posted some information about body psychotherapy tthree days ago I was asked to talk more aout it. So here is more about it. You will find body psychotherapists all over the world. Except in Africa and many parts of Asia. So if you are interested ask the specific organisations which are listed at Wikipedia. Or ask me, I will support you as much as I can. So don`t hesitate. 😉

Body psychotherapy,[1][2][3] also called body-oriented psychotherapy or somatic psychology, is a branch of psychotherapy[4], with origins in the work of Pierre Janet, Sigmund Freud and particularly Wilhelm Reich who developed it as vegetotherapy……..

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