Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Family time is marriage conference

“You’ve heard it before, but when we spend time with our parents and relatives, the conversation nearly always comes to the same topic.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”
“Are you looking for one?”
“You’re almost 25. you should get married before 25, otherwise you’ll be a lonely old lady.”

Seriously aunties, don’t you get bored of asking?

If you can find the love of your life…..”

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3 Approaches for Working with Cultures

A very good schema for orientation if addressing different cultures or working with them. This is related to cultures, firms, organisations and other Systems.

Be aware of this, prepare yourself in this sense, build up your concepts and don`t miss this as a theoretical and practical orientation.

And have fun! To explore different cultures is fun……………

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Virtual Dance Hype

Gangnam Style is out. Harlem Shake is in. Within the last weeks the Gangnam Style Dance captures the virtual world. More than 1Billion youtube clicks are an over all impressive proof.

Again within some weeks another virtual dance style captures media: Harlem Shake, which derives from a dance style dating back to the middle of 1980. Millions of youtube clicks back this success and…………

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were interested to get more information about Yang Liu. Here is the link to her website. Please have a look. It´s really worth looking. You wil see how important it is to communicate interculturally in a very simle way between East and West.  So that everybody, even if one doesn`t speak the language will at once know.

So get convinced by yourself. 😉

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