Body-language and nonverbal communication

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It`s ….because I love my body

everybody is his or her body. Everybody is himself or herself.

It doesn`t matter who you are.

It does not matter how you are. It does not matter how others think about you.

It does not matter how they will judge.

Unless you still love your body.

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Yes means No and No means Yes – do you agree?

Last week I talked to a colleague of mine about her study on intercultural differences concerning gestures and facial expression of people from Germany, Korea, Japan and Papua New Guinea. Of course this study caught at once my interest. (I will talk about it later)

Here one interesting little experience. My colleague was talking to a student from Korea, I think. She asked her a question and the student seemed to hesitate a little in answering “Yes”. My colleague responded to this slight hesitation and told the student, not to say “Yes” if she perhaps has another opinion.

The student seemed to be a little relieved, because ………..

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 Systemic thinking: psychotherapy in China

The German-Chinese Academy of Psychotherapy DCAP organises qualified training in psychotherapy in China since more than 20 years. Collegues from Germany go to China to train there. And Chinese collegues from China come to Germany to be trained here and to work as psychotherapists. There is a very interesting study on basic differences in thinking on cultural boundaries, family structure / relationship and intervention. The results of this study are not only interesting for psychotherapists, but also to everybody who is interested in these issues concerning intercultural communication.

Please feel free ……….

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