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Chinese and American body language differences, new perspectives

There has always been a comfortable zone felt by native speakers and so they don’t feel any difficulty in communicating with each other. But when a foreigner tries to communicate with a native of a country, action speaks louder than words. Lot of things like body language, facial expressions, gestures come into picture. Let us deal with the differences in body language between China and America in this article. Before we start, why China and America? Well, both these nations are totally different in terms of their culture and both have equal business opportunities in each other’s nations and so it has become mandatory if you are doing a business in China or plan to settle down in America or anyway around.

There are lots of cultural differences between Chinese and

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Body language basics

Very simple, very clear though sometimes a bit too simple, you’ll find some interesting basic information on body language via the link at the end of the text.

It’s a web-MD-information network giving information about handshakes, synchrony, posture, eye-contact, playing with hairs, first-dating and so on.

So, just have a look and try to get a better understanding.

But always be aware that it is an easy issue to read the body-language. 😉

Looking at one’s face and posture is the one side of the coin. Feeling your own impression, your own bodily resonance is the other side of the coin. And the coin, the material of the coin by itself is the context in which you meet someone and try to read his body language.

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