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Anger in the face enhances cues of strength

New research has been done on facial expression and human behaviour. This research (Evolution and human behaviour magazine) proves that humans assess others` fighting ability by monitoring cues of strength. Cues can be found and clearly identified by facial expression. Biologically and socially this is a hidden important competence of humans. So to say ………

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If funny, fun means: together in China

Whenever you meet Chinese people they look funny. They smile, they laugh when being together. It seems that smiling and laughing embodies the function of being together, be related to one another and being able to laugh because of being together.

Here’s one example which is quite funny to watch.

Close to a thousand people ………..

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Foreigner? Who is the foreigner?


A good friend of mine who knowsChinavery well, told me two little stories, which I want to share with you. Maybe as a Chinese you know about this and maybe as a Westerner you’ll revitalize your stereotype thinking about Chinese:

  • He once worked together with Chinese in a French      company inParis.      He once was sitting together with Chinese colleagues when two French      colleagues entered the room. Just in that moment the Chinese said to each      other: “Well, there are two foreigners coming.”
  • My friend went to ………….
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Here is a link to some little subgroup in Germany where they discuss Chinese tattooing. They are interested in the meaning of various tattoos, argue about the corect writing of the graphics andsoon. It`s of course not an important subgroup or action in which they are engaged.

I pick up this link and communicate it, not in order to invite you to get your own tattoo. ( You must know I come from the times where only sailors or criminals had their tattoos ;-)) No I want to underline that there can be some activity group in the one culture w ich is totally engaged in some cultural practice of a totally different culture.

Maybe you know about those littel cultural islands. I once heard for example that there is an Austrian or Bavarian village totally rebuild in China somewhere. Or that they celebrate the German carneval in some Chinese Metrople. Or that there is Chinese Carneval Club in Bonn / Germany.

I wonder how those little islands will develop and build up some kind of grass root integration. 😉

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More to familism

again I address to the lectures at the DCAP Heidelberg Congress on “body and soul” in East and West. Well family in China is related to relatives and the state. You could say: ” the family is identical to a small state and a state is identical to a family”. Therefore you could focus it to the following three rules:……………………

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German romanticism….

German romanticism….….and Chinese!

It feels like this when I imagine Germans and Western people feeling excluded like me as I told you yesterday. Excluded  by this so charming Chinese smile of a group. Watching the group, looking for some kind of contact, but just facing this smile.

I know about the importance of the group in Chinese social life. I know about the role of group cohesion and it´s relevance for social behaviour, for social functioning and I know about the role of group identity which gives personal orientation. Which also carries personal identity. Which shapes and characterizes identity at all. – In China……………………….

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What is the secret?

…..I often ask myself, when facing this excluding smile, the secret recipee which can break down or open up the unseen wall of smile.

I remember what I read about the importance of group life in China. And the self-evidence of group behaviour. The group is important. The group gives relational orientation. The group makes sense for the Chinese. The group offers identity.

And the group is the base, the impulse and the structure for social life.

Well I am different. I am not Chinese. ……………………

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