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Genital surgery of girls in puberty becomes popular

Latest news from the US: The obstetrician–gynecologist may receive requests from adolescents and their families for advice, surgery, or referral for conditions of the breast or vulva to improve appearance and function. There has been increasing patient interest in surgical modification of breast and genital tissues ………..

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Women`s equality development in China

The information office of the State council has issued on Tuesday a white paper on gender equality and women’s development in China. The content refers to immanent economy, women and education, women and health, women and decision-making and so on.

It`s worth looking and thinking about. Equality or men and women is a basic human right because all humans are equal. So this must also be found on all Levels of society, behavior and relationship. In China there is a long history of surpressing women and though having got the same rights some decades ago there is still on the unofficial level a lot of unequal reference to women by society.

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Breast or breast?

A lot is written and said about women’s sexuality, women’s body as sexual objects. Each article has it’s one message, it`s own value, it’s own function.

But how do you think about the relationship between different ways of presenting women’s breast in media ………..

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Sex is gender and “not” sex

From a very early age on we can decipher sex, sexuality and the differences in detail. Some days ago I came across a little investigation on this competence. I was astonished about one result:

If you look at the picture above you maybe ask if you know the difference between the individuals pictured are male or female. Most of the people are able to decipher by ……..

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Money means trust, money is sexy

It seems to be the same everywhere in the world. Wherever you show up with typical status symbols just like an expensive Italian car (like Lamborghini, Ferrari and so) you win the game.

Some days ago there was a little test being made in China. Lamborghini driver with a six-hundred-thousand-dollar car stopped at the pavement and asked a woman if she ……..

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Faces of the world

Research results of an interesting international project on femal  facial expression shows “the average-face” of women of various countries in the world. Just have a look and get your own impression.

And try to find your own opinion if it is another Kind of prejudice, or common view or scientific?

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100 years of women’s issues in China…. baby, you’ve come along

A close relative recently passed away at the ripe old age of 100. Born in 1912 in China, her life story documents how far Chinese women have come in the past 100 years. This is a tribute to her fortitude, courage and optimism in spite of gender issues, war and famine in the early years of her long eventful life………

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A matter of opinion

Psychologists of Bristol University have found out, that there is big and radical gender difference in perception and awareness. ( )

On the one hand women are better aware of little differences than men. On the other hand if watching a person on a photo, men mostly look at the person`s face whereas women also look at the body as a whole.

This of course leads to the impression of big differences in life experience. Both live in the same world, but see different things or aspects of this world.

And of course behave in a different way, present themselves in a different habit.

This difference is quite a stable element of nonverbal communication. So to say a fact which cannot be neglected in it´s important influence on communication. Of course this fact also is a chance to enrich gender communication. By being aware of this fact and integrating the consequences in one´s own behavior. Or by being aware of this and addressing the other in order to reflect both perspectives as two parts of the same coin.

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The visual competence is also based on gender and sex

Nonverbal communication and body reading as an ability to be aware of the other is radically based on the competence of awareness. Scientific research shows that this competence is rooted in (brain) physiology on the other hand. And related to experience on the other hand. Experience so to say is closely connected with the surrounding context, society and cultural factors.

To see, so to say, means not to see. And not to see means …………

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Knowing is knowing not to know

When I went to India for the first time 1976 I wanted to explore the country, to get accustomed to the people and the culture. As people in India speak English it was quite easy for me to communicate. By doing this my interest grew to learn more about what happens in society, in politics and in rural life.

By talking I of course also tried to let the other know what my knowledge of …………..

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