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Machine knows the attractiveness of your face

British scientists found out that the attractiveness of man`s face can be judged by a machine. They referred to three attributes: trustful, attractive and dominant.

The scientists based their study on 65 different items which help to identify a face and the differences between faces. By this they could find reliable judgement being made by a machine.

The results of the study underline the importance of the unconscious spontaneous judgement on first sight. This means much less than a second. If you are interested and want tro learn more about first sight and the judgement of the facial Expression please have a look.

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Respect for a first detail is the start of exploration (an embodyed story part 4)

When I had entered the tiny shop or so to say small studio of the old woman my eyes first caught sight of this puppet which you can see on the photo. A lifeless puppet as it seems to be. Not really interesting. Not worth to enter the shop I said to myself. And yet the arrangement of the puppet without a head and the other stuff looked so strange and thus attractive, that I started looking around. Maybe it was the fact that there was this uncoordinated arrangement, with ……………   

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An embodyed story (part 1)

What is the secret of these hands?

And this a hint to how it happens as it happens:

  • a first sight, perhaps for a second
  • you look around, you see many other things and the first sight stills stays in your mind
  • you feel some kind of attraction
  • you don`t know why but you feel the fact that it is as it is
  • and you slightly begin to realize that there is some hidden meaning, some meaning thogh you don`t know what kind of meaning

I can tell you that this probably will happen to you wherever you are in the world.

How do you thing about? Do you agree?

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