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Sex is gender and “not” sex

From a very early age on we can decipher sex, sexuality and the differences in detail. Some days ago I came across a little investigation on this competence. I was astonished about one result:

If you look at the picture above you maybe ask if you know the difference between the individuals pictured are male or female. Most of the people are able to decipher by ……..

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Faces of the world

Research results of an interesting international project on femal  facial expression shows “the average-face” of women of various countries in the world. Just have a look and get your own impression.

And try to find your own opinion if it is another Kind of prejudice, or common view or scientific?

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Figures reveal that given the choice, most men will plump for a curvy girl

Again a convincing proof for the fact that there are two realities: the scientific based and the every-day-life-reality. Both not always go the same way. 😉

“There has been a survey and it tells you what you already know: when it comes to women, the vast majority of blokes prefer them well rounded.

It seems their ideal girlfriends are pneumatic, not flat-tyred. They’d rather negotiate sweeping curves than sharp shoulders………”

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