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The Most Popular Words Used on Social Media

There is an amazing project forging scientific techniques by measuring psychological well-being and physical health based on the analysis of language in social media. Different perspectives were observed like:

Females from this study (Top), used more emotion words (e.g., excited) and first-person singulars and they mention more psychological and social processes (e.g., ‘love you’ and ‘<3’ –a heart)

Males used more swear words and object references (e.g., ‘xbox’, ‘black ops’, ‘wishes he’).

other perspectives were : Age, personality and so on. Just have a look.


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Red makes women sexually attractive and other women jealous

So, now something very practical: be Aware and even careful, women!

Everybody knows that women like to wear red clothes. This is an attractive colour. In nature red is the signal colour and everybody looks at once to the red colour when it appears somewhere.

But this is also a reason that women get jealous!

Researchers ………..

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Expression or not expression

If we are not familiar with the body language when we are communicating with Chinese, we are likely to misunderstand other people. So it’s very important to understand the differences of body language between South Europe and Chinese, be aware of the manners and the standards in order to avoid communicative barrier or even failure.

The main difference between………..

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A suicide selfie

A young Chinese girl committed suicide after a very problematic relationship, as she posted for several times. She could not stand this relationship on her own only, so she opened up to the virtual public and let everybody take part in her relationship.

And also take part in her suicide. While sitting on a very high building she took a selfie which lets believe, so the Chinese media, that this is her last selfie. She at the same time posted: “After I’m dead, I will haunt you day and night, I will never be apart from you again.”

I think that there is a very deep desperation and anger ……….

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Facial expression is different in different cultures

Central to all human interaction is the mutual understanding of emotions, achieved primarily by a set of biologically rooted social signals evolved for this purpose—facial expressions of emotion. Although facial expressions are widely considered to be the universal language of Emotion  and  some negative facial expressions consistently elicit lower recognition levels among Eastern compared to Western Groups  for a meta-analysis and  and  for review). Here, focusing on the decoding of facial expression signals, we merge………

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Bioenergetics: body language translated

Bioenergetics is a relational somatic form of psychotherapy whose theory presents that what goes on in the mind is also manifest in the body. So getting to know more about this will help you to understand more about yourself and the other.

Bioenergetics is a relational somatic form of psychotherapy whose theory presents that what goes on in the mind is also manifest in the body.

But it`s not only a form of psychotherapy, but also a way to understand life, relationsship and personality in terms of the body.

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Facial expression by itself does not give reliable answers

Facial expression by itself does neither accurately mirrors deeper, extreme emotions nor helps to distinguish accurately deeper extreme positive or negative emotions.

These are some basic results of a new study published in Science from November 2012. Here are some of the most important results regarding the expression of extreme emotions:

  • The facial expression by itself does not give reliable answers
  • Judging such emotions from the facial expression only lead to over estimation………..
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Basics in Chinese Body language

“Body language forms a crucial part of everyday communication. Consciously or unconsciously we tend to use different parts of our body to convey certain messages across. It is a fact that body language is not used likely in all the parts of the world. The use and the meaning of certain body languages can vary widely across different cultures. Body language used in one culture could be altogether different from that used in other culture. The body language that maybe considered appropriate in one place might turn out to be offensive in the other. For instance, there are some sharp contrast between the body language used in the West and those used in the East.

We can find exclusive use of body language and hand gestures in China. China…………..

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Body approach in China and Japan

Dear Ulrich,

 I read your report on Psyche and Körper in Ost und West with great interest.

 The differences between China and the west seem much greater than between Japan and the west.

 I never worked in China, but went many times to Japan.

In Japan at first every client in a group expected to behave like others in the group.

There was a lot of social mask and group conformity.

When I was able, through somatic interventions,  to get below this “tertiary layer” of personality, and could reach

the primary layer, I found a lot of emotional health, vitality and spontaneity coming from  the early pre school years.

 The secondary layer of anger, fear of sadness could only be contacted when trust from this primary layer had been established.

 Wishing you all the best in your intercultural research

 Warm greetings

 David (Boadella)

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Being a Manager in China 1

Most of the companies prepare their managers for the visit to or the job in China. Popular is an intercultural workshop where you can get information about the country, the culture, the people, the climate andsoon. Often participants of those workshops try to get familiar a bit with these habits and rules of behavior or communication by roleplay.

Yet this is only: learning the vocabulary and grammatics. This is not ( yet ) real life. Of course you would say this resembles to learn swimming or driving a car. And of course you will argue: it takes quite a long time to drive your car correctly, safely and joyfully.

Being confronted with a new culture, with very different people with odd and strange habits produces quite a big stress and strain for ………………

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