Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Body language of Zuckerberg

Both look, seen from the nonverbal perspective, very nice and cute. They seem to be made from the same quality. From a very sweet quality. And thus there are obvious differences. Important differences:

While she shows up with her heart (feelings), he hides behind his dark sun glasses. Dark sun glasses over here in Europe identify a man as some kind of mafia boss, personality with e hidden message or so.

Of course Zuckerberg is no mafia boss ……………..

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The body in psychotherapy 5 (Therapists`feeling the client`s body)

Somatic Psychotherapy

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The body in psychotherapy 2 (contact and communication)

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The body in psychotherapy 1

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The Energetics of Bioenergetics – Alexander Lowen (video)

As there are  many questions about bioenergetic analysis I post a video with Alexander Lowen, the founder of Bioenergetic Analysis, talking in brief words what It`s all about. Just listen to Lowen and the way how he can support people to easily understand what it`s all about.

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Bioenergetics: body language translated

Bioenergetics is a relational somatic form of psychotherapy whose theory presents that what goes on in the mind is also manifest in the body. So getting to know more about this will help you to understand more about yourself and the other.

Bioenergetics is a relational somatic form of psychotherapy whose theory presents that what goes on in the mind is also manifest in the body.

But it`s not only a form of psychotherapy, but also a way to understand life, relationsship and personality in terms of the body.

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Disentanglement of the nonverbal clew

Last week I had a funny experience and I want to share it. I was invited by Deutsche Welle, the German international broadcasting company,  for an interview on body-language and nonverbal communication between the German chancellor Angela Merkel and the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

Such an interview is quite ……

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Our dreams are different……

When I saw these photoes which a Chinese friend of mine showed to me I was not really shocked by the information (because I already had experienced the same here in Germany), but really felt a pity about those difficulties in relating to each other even if you want to do or you have to.

These difficulties can be seen all over the Western countries. How will it be in China concerning Western students living and studying in China?

Who can tell?

I also felt ashamed imagening the feelings of those CHinese students who show up on those photoes. How do they feel? Especially being together with other students and not really meeting them, not really touching them or being touched.

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Feelings: good or elusive?

Last Friday I visited the studio of Deutsche Welle in Bonn. That is the German international Broadcasting. I was invited for an interview on the issue of body language and nonverbal communication, concerning the difference between Germany and China.

I was asked general questions on the issue and very specific questions on the difference of behavior of Angela Merkel und Wen Jiabao.

While waiting at the Chinese editor`s office ………

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Money, money, money – love?

A colleague of mine told me a little story about the love-relationship between a Chinese woman and a German teacher. Both were really in love with each other. As they wanted to celebrate a special anniversary they decided to go to Munich for a weekend-trip. They had a wonderful time there. They both enjoyed the scenery, the walks through the ancient part of town, the delicious meals in various typical Bavarian restaurants and of course felt more in love then before.

 The colleague of mine than explained a strange behavior of the Chinese woman. During the day-time when they were in Munich she put down some notes into a little notebook. Notes about what they’ve bought, what they’ve eaten, where they’ve lived and so on. She noted this and counted the specific price, e.g. having dinner, having bought some ice-cream, having bought a new dress and so on. In the evening she summarized all the costs and smiled ……….

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