Body-language and nonverbal communication

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The body tells YOUR story

The Bioenergetic Analysis (Bioenergetics) allows access to the topics / problems of understanding and acting on the level of interaction between the body and the analytical process. This is possible because the body is functionally identical to the person, on all levels. Feelings, thoughts and issues of life of an individual always manifest in the expression of the body. A diagnostic identification of these aspects is precisely possible because of the shape, the structure and motility of the body. It is necessary that one is able to read the language of the body.

These patterns of feeling, …………

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It`s ….because I love my body

everybody is his or her body. Everybody is himself or herself.

It doesn`t matter who you are.

It does not matter how you are. It does not matter how others think about you.

It does not matter how they will judge.

Unless you still love your body.

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Crying helps, really

Aside from removing toxic substances from our body, crying can also have the psychological benefit of lifting our mood and helping us to deal with painful situations.
Crying is thought to help reduce stress, which can have a damaging effect on our health and has been linked to a number of health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes and obesity.
According to the Minnesota study, crying can help to wash chemicals linked to stress out of our body, one of the reasons we feel much better after a good cry.

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Life is….

a self-experiment under conditions of life.

So enjoy, be careful and be sure that this Experiment will touch you deeply inside, even if you want to escape or avoide. 😉


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Dancing in the park  (Journey to China No. 8)

You see them in the parks. Mostly in the morning or later in the afternoon or evening. You see them dancing. You see them enjoying and you’re aware of a very big difference in bodily expression.

On the one hand, often when you see Chinese people, they seem to walk and move a bit slowly, feel aggrieved and in a black mood, as if it would be typical for most of the people, typical for the country or a typical character expressed on the body-level.

In contrast to a possible stereotype ……….

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Just there (Journey to China No.7)


He seems to be present. He knows where is looking at. He is characterised by his experience. His face is tells stories, without words.

He seems to be proud of whatever aspect.

And he is just there and yet so mysterious.


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“Discharging” is a survival activation

the production (charge) of energy through respiration and metabolism and discharge of energy in motion and movement are the fundamental processes of life. How much energy you have and how you use this energy, determines the way you respond to a situation, to life. The more energy you can put into free movement and expression, the better you can deal with different situations, with life.

I will talk about this later this week and will relate this to man, feeling, behavior and so on.

Please kee in mind discharging is a very normal process in life and a survival pattern or survival activation. Just have a look how this looks like.

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Failure is…….

The phenomenon named “failure” is the interpretation of something what has happened and is not a fact.

Failure or the Feeling of failure is not a feature or quality of something but of you, of yourself.

This also means:

the more something called “Change” is connected with the feeling of value for yourself, with self-esteem, with your identity and career, the more things which happen are interpreted as “failure”.


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Money is …………

coagulated feeling/emotion and functions in form of relationship among people of and in all cultures.


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Dogs, dogs, dogs….only dogs?

A Chinese man saw many many many dogs on a lorry in the province Jiangsu. It was meant to bring them to a slaughterhouse to kill them.

He felt a pity with these dogs and offered 8000 US dollars to set all these dogs free. Afterwards someone took this wonderful picture of those “hugging dogs and man”.

Well one could say, this man wants to save animals. One could say he felt a pity and saved them.

One thing is true and convincing when you look at the photo: all of them enjoy to be together with each other. I not very often saw just a joyful scene. And in some way there is also some kind of a little envy in me. An envy which opens up one´s own heart and brings back hope and trust, if it should be hidden somewhere, somehow.

Do you remember the last time you had that feeling? 🙂



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