Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Facial expression is different in different cultures

Central to all human interaction is the mutual understanding of emotions, achieved primarily by a set of biologically rooted social signals evolved for this purpose—facial expressions of emotion. Although facial expressions are widely considered to be the universal language of Emotion  and  some negative facial expressions consistently elicit lower recognition levels among Eastern compared to Western Groups  for a meta-analysis and  and  for review). Here, focusing on the decoding of facial expression signals, we merge………

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The body in psychotherapy 6 (Breathing)

 Body Psychotherapy Methodology

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The body in psychotherapy 5 (Therapists`feeling the client`s body)

Somatic Psychotherapy

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how do you distinguish cold sweat (fear sweat) and sweat from too hard working?

I think the difference is of important relevance concerning the present working situation in Europe but also in China:

too much, too fast, too much overloaded, too unclear, too ….too…

In Germany we have to deal with burn-out, depression and burn-out. In china there is already a high percentage of depression deriving from the working situation also.

So distinguishing the two different kinds of sweat can help to realitze if you or your friend is working too much and afraid to slow down (because of fear) or if he really likes hard work and enjoys. That mewans is motivated and not burded out.

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American psycho

There are many ways to explore and to understand the culture. I want to make it very simple today looking on the American (US) culture. Of course as ONE example. The journalist Eva Munz says that looking at the most prescribed pharmaceutics will lead to a deep understanding about what the people feel, how they live, how their live is and how they try to survive in their own culture.

Xanax Is the most prescribed medicine against ……………….

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